All statistical analyses were performed by SPSS 17 0 software pac

All statistical analyses were performed by SPSS 17.0 software package for Windows. P<0.05 was regarded statistically significant. Results The mRNA expression of seven stem-cell-associated markers in biopsy samples obtained through bronchoscopy The expression of Bmi1, CD133, CD44, Sox2, Nanog, OCT4 and Msi2 mRNA in bronchoscopic biopsies of lung check details cancer and non-cancer patients are presented in Table 2 Aurora Kinase inhibitor and Figure 1. Overall, the mRNA expression of seven markers was higher in the malignant group than in the benign group. However, the mRNA relative levels of Bmi1, CD133 and CD44 by RT-PCR were not

significantly different between lung cancer and non-malignant lung tissues analyzed by Mann–Whitney U test, nor were the expression rates of CD44 and Msi2. We found that the Bmi1 positive expression rate was significantly correlated with histology types (P=0.007) and differentiation (P=0.027), while the positive rate of Nanog was negatively correlated with differentiation (0.032). However, the positive expression rates of CD133, CD44, Sox2, OCT4 and Msi2 did not correlate with age, gender, histological type, stage and differentiation of lung cancer (Table 3). Table 2 mRNA expression of stem cell makers in human lung cancer

and non-cancer Torin 2 concentration lung tissues   Lung cancer Non-cancer P Lung cancer Non-cancer P   Positive rate, %(n) Positive rate, %(n)   Expression, χ ± s Expression, χ ± s Value Bmi1 88.4(99/112) 66.7(12/18) 0.026 0.60±0.73 0.32±0.29 0.118 CD133 85.7(96/112) 55.6(10/18) 0.006 0.77±0.90 0.58±0.97 0.057 CD44 98.2(110/112) 88.9(16/18) 0.092 1.67±1.77 1.44±1.33 0.606 Sox2 98.2(110/112) 83.3(15/18) 0.019 2.06±2.15 0.99±1.53 0.001 Nanog 63.4(71/112) 33.3(6/18) 0.016 0.23±0.42 0.04±0.09 0.013 OCT4 85.7(96/112)

38.8(7/18) <0.0001 0.46±0.50 0.12±0.27 <0.0001 Msi2 96.4(108/112) 94.4(17/18) 0.531 1.29±1.13 0.47±0.51 <0.0001 Figure 1 Example RT-PCR bands of human lung cancer and non-lung cancer biopsy tissues obtained from bronchoscopy. Total RNAs were isolated and reverse transcribed to cDNA from the biopsy tissues. RT-PCR Products Digestive enzyme of β-actin and stem-cell-associated markers were run on 2% agarose gels with ethidium bromide. Table 3 Correlation between stem cell mRNA expression of biopsy samples and lung cancer clinical features   Analyzable Bmi1 expression P* CD133 expression P* CD44 expression P* Sox2 expression P* Nanog expression P* OCT4 expression P* MSi2 expression P*   cases Postive, n(%)   Postive, n(%)   Postive, n(%)   Postive, n(%)   Postive, n(%)   Postive, n(%)   Postive, n(%)   Age                               <60 57 51(89.5) 0.716 48(84.2) 0.643 56(98.2) 1 55(96.

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