In Balb/c SCID mice 4T1-HER2 cells were injected s c to initiate

In Balb/c SCID mice 4T1-HER2 cells were injected s.c. to initiate tumor growth. 14 days this website later the mice were infected i.v. with 1 × 108 CFU of differently coated Lm-spa+. After 24 h mice were sacrificed and tumors, liver and spleen excised aseptically. Organs were homogenized and plated in serial dilutions. In tumor, liver and spleen no significant differences in the bacterial counts were detected between the uncoated and Trastuzumab coated Lm-spa+. (PDF 18 KB) References 1. Coley WB: The treatment of malignant tumors by repeated inoculations of erysipelas. With a report of ten original cases. Clin Orthop

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