In our study, examination of injured body parts revealed that upp

In our study, examination of injured body parts revealed that upper extremity injuries were at the top point with a rate of 53.7%. They were followed by, in descending order, lower

extremity injuries (15.9%) and head-neck injuries (9.5%). Previous studies from our country have also revealed similar results [2–4]. Upper extremity injuries were the most common injuries since hands are intensely used at work. It has been reported that 62-90% of patients admitting with occupational accident are discharged after first medical care at emergency MEK inhibition departments [2, 3, 15, 18]. In this study, 83.9% of cases were discharged after first medical care at emergency department, and 16.1% were hospitalized. No patients were referred to another healthcare facility as our center is a tertiary care center with all trauma-related surgical branches and a burn center readily available. Limitation of the study A major limitations of the study was a retrospectiveness

of it. Conclusion Occupational accidents most commonly occur in young male workers, during daytime and primary school graduates. References 1. Ince H, Ince N, Ozyildirim BA: Occupational accidents and Forensic Medicine in Turkey. J Clinb Forensic Med 2006, 13:326–30.CrossRef ICG-001 purchase 2. Ozkan S, Kilic S, Durukan P, Akdur O, Vardar A, Geyik S, et al.: Occupational injuries admitted to the emergency department. Ulus Travma Acil Cerrahi Derg 2010, 16:241–247.PubMed 3. Dizdar MG, Asirdizer M, Yavuz MS: Evaluation of the ocular trauma cases applied to emergency service of Celal Bayar University hospital.

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