The survey which we mailed to all general surgeons in Saskatoon w

The survey which we mailed to all general surgeons in Saskatoon was not returned by 4 of the surgeons (25%). A deficiency in responses exposes our results to the possibility

of non-response selleck compound bias. Our conclusions, that surgeons in an ACS service are generally more satisfied than those with a traditional call schedule may be influenced by the fact that Royal University Hospital, our non-ACS centre is a trauma centre while St. Paul’s Hospital is not. The surgeon who has to deal with trauma cases may respond differently to questions regarding workload and satisfaction while on call. Conclusion Introduction of an acute care surgery service at an academic Canadian center has resulted in decreased wait time to surgery for patients presenting with general surgical

emergencies (ρ = 0.015; CI = 5.8-52.2 minutes). There was a statistically significant decrease in the proportion of afterhours surgeries following adoption of an acute care surgery service (ρ <0.0001). Post-selleck surgical length of stay for patients operated on for acute selleckchem appendicitis, cholecyctitis, or bowel obstruction was not decreased. Surgeons operating in an acute care surgery system report high average agreement with statements regarding satisfaction with their call schedule. References 1. Hameed SM, Brenneman FD, Ball CG, Pagliarello J, Razek T, Parry PD-1 antibody N, Widder S, Minor S, Buczkowski A, MacPherson C, Johner A, Jenkin D, Wood L, McLoughlin K, Anderson I, Davey D, Zabolotny B, Seedia R, Bracken J, Nathens A, Ahmed N, Panton O, Warnock GL: General surgery 2.0: the emergence of acute care surgery in Canada. Can J Surg 2010,53(2):79–83.PubMedCentralPubMed 2. Ball CG, Hameed SM, Brenneman FD: Acute care surgery: a new strategy for the general surgery patients left behind. Can J Surg 2010,53(2):84–85.PubMedCentralPubMed 3. Faryniuk AM, Hochman DJ: Effect of an acute care surgical service on the timeliness of care. Can J Surg 2012,56(3):187–191.CrossRef 4. Ball CS, MacLean AR, Dixon E, Quan ML, Nicholson L, Kirkpatrick AW, Sutherland

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